Tree Pruning


Tree surgery and tree pruning is far from the simple operation it’s often imagined to be.

You need a skilled tree worker with an expert understanding of tree biology and structure to make sure this natural process isn’t put at risk when you make the pruning cuts. Downlands’ experts have that practical knowledge and experience.

Whatever the size of the tree, we can judge where and how best to shape it, leaving it in the most favourable conditions for your requirements and its own well-being.

The most common reasons to prune a tree are:

  • removal of deadwood, and potentially hazardous branches.
  • crown thinning to reduce the density of the trees crown.
  • crown reduction to reduce the height of a tree that is outgrowing its position.
  • crown lift to remove the tips of the lower branches to allow more light on the landscape, and us, below it.

Over the years, we’ve discovered how trees not only thrive in urban environments but also how, with proper care, they can be beneficial to us. All our work remains sympathetic to both your needs and to the health of the tree.

Health and safety is a paramount concern. And, of course, we always clean up and remove any prunings and leaves.